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American Express  Shiraz Creative  American Express  Shiraz Creative   American Express  Shiraz Creative   American Express  Shiraz Creative   American Express  Shiraz Creative   American Express  Shiraz Creative   American Express  Shiraz Creative  


As the Official Payment Services Partner of FIFA, Visa had extraordinary goals for the 2018 World Cup in Moscow and St. Petersburg. So, they turned to Shiraz, their longstanding event partner, to dream up a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime Visa hospitality experience available exclusively to cardholders.


Our team masterminded Visa's largest exclusive sponsorship program to date, celebrating the spirit of the game with clients and cardholders from around the world over four days and five nights. This campaign was designed to spark conversation around Visa and its sponsorship of the tournament while also providing cutting-edge experiences to create a truly unique experience for World Cup fans that created a buzz.


Upon arrival, cardholders were given commemorative contactless payment wristbands wired with RFID and NFC technology to enhance attendee engagement and create a more personalized experience. This enabled them to pay for whatever they needed without having to reach for their wallet and participate in various experiential activations. The wristbands also collected valuable data on attendee behavior and engagement, which was used to optimize future Visa event programming.


Everything that Visa had to offer was accessible to fans in the "Everywhere Lounge, " an immersive takeover spanning the Moscow Marriott Hotel, the Four Seasons in Moscow, and the Indigo Hotel in St. Petersburg.


Aside from highlighting local culture through various sponsored areas, including a self-service beer kiosk that allowed guests to grab a brew in a commemorative cup with just a tap of their credentials guests and the option to take a photo with a World Cup specific AR-filter, guests could interact with various other immersive installations. Guests could create a custom animation featuring their avatar flying into a stadium of the future in a Visa-sponsored spaceship, receive customized content based on their interests and preferences throughout the venue, and show off their soccer skills in an interactive augmented-reality game called "Shooting for the Stars" where Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimović coached them through three goal attempts using kinetic tracking technology to analyze each player's form. Winners were awarded the much- sought-after prize of an official Adidas FIFA World Cup soccer ball.


Shiraz helped Visa score significant points with soccer fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Over 3,000 guests participated in the hospitality package and 3-D scanning activation. For the matches, 3,500 new point-of- sales terminals were installed across 12 stadiums. These fast, easily accessible payment terminals contributed to contactless technology powering 50% of all purchases. Overall, Visa cardholders were delighted with the unique experiences provided and walked away feeling like winners.

Over 3,000 hospitality package participants

Over 3,000 3D scanned avatars

6,500 payment rings, 30,000 payment bands, and commermorative contactless visa prepaid cards

3,500 new point-of-sales terminals across 12 stadiums

1,000 mobile concession stands


The Shiraz team will give 1000% effort to tell the right story to the appropriate audiences ensuring the end results and takeaways are relevant and meaningful. - Sr. Director, Visa


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