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We make brand moments that matter.

Shiraz Creative elevates brands globally with acclaimed experiential campaigns, product launches, events, and digital experiences for top B2C and B2B brands worldwide. 

Founded in 2001 with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London, Shiraz has attracted a diverse team of accomplished industry experts and creatives dedicated to providing the best in immersive storytelling through intuitive strategy, next-level design, digital expertise, and top-notch production. 


Through collaboration, we deliver innovative, results-driven solutions that connect brand, culture, and people meaningfully. We thrive on challenges. We take the forefront of innovation, continually evolving to drive future trends and redefining what is possible. We deliver truly unique experiences that captivate and engage audiences, leaving a lasting impression.


In our world, where imagination meets innovation, the possibilities are endless.



We dare to invent new stories that amplify a brand’s values and challenge what’s been done before.


We create enduring and emotional relationships with vivid experiences people are compelled to talk about.


We care about the whole picture down to the smallest details and believe this is at the core of achieving connection with each attendee.


We are more than just a collaborative team–we are like family where everyone has a seat and a voice at our table.

We empower our people.

At Shiraz we are always looking. We help brands STAND OUT because we STAND TOGETHER– we are the SUM of all our parts. At Shiraz, we always look for innovative visionaries, groundbreaking thinkers, creative dreamers, detail oriented doers, and wizardous creators that let us create the magic team for each client. We want to hear from you if you have a strong track record in experiential marketing, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence.

Your Vision for Your Future


Shiraz Creative is a welcoming, exciting, and safe place to build a career.  We strive to maintain a culture that helps team members feel and perform their best at work. We encourage collaboration to help foster camaraderie and to create a sense of unity and respect so staff feel they are working for something bigger than themselves. 


We are socially and ethically responsible, foster transparency and trust, and have created a bias-free work environment. We handle sensitive issues responsibly, and contribute to societal goals of philanthropy and community.


We are deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. We are acknowledged leaders in both agency DEI and in the DEI services we provide to our clients and vendors. 


We create diverse work and event environments employing and contracting with individuals that are reflective of the society in which we operate. We celebrate the elements that make individuals unique from one another. Together we believe that our experiences are more creative, inclusive and bring unique concepts to every vision. We thrive to achieve good, take action, and make a better world.



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