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What makes us different?

Our team of industry experts and creatives are the type who can’t sleep until it’s extraordinary. We’re out to transform a brand's core essence into something totally fresh that can be taken in through all senses. Achieving that involves envisioning the minute-by-minute journey of each individual, seeing every moment as an opportunity to engage. We dive in like it’s our life’s purpose. Why else would you put the coffee on in the morning.

Call us geeks, but we are crazy about what we do -- and it's palpable in every project. There's a playful joy, a spirit of warmth and appreciation in the worlds we create. That's how we bring magic into each moment of the experiences we build. Because in all honesty, there's nowhere we'd rather be.



Listen / Engage

We begin with an open, collaborative brainstorming session to determine overarching goals. Once all sides are aligned, we proceed with a deep dive exploring the brand, the competition, the target market, and the cultural relevance. This informs our strategy and provides much-needed societal context. It also kicks off a working relationship with each partner based on mutual respect by ensuring upfront and honest communication.


Design / Customize

We conceptualize a tailored program that best meets our clients’ needs and budget. To do this, we harness the latest technology, discover data-driven solutions, and conceive new, evocative ways to disrupt creatively. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and personalization leads to highly bespoke campaigns that do more than meet objectives they defy expectations.


Plan / Execute

We evaluate all deliverables with our clients and create a collective timeline that hits each deadline. Transparency and cooperation are key here. These events necessitate precise coordination on a massive scale. In the end, we won't rest until the final experience leaves a lasting impression on our guests, making them feel amazed, captivated, and alive.


Review / Recharge

We discuss overall performance, success, and satisfaction with our clients in an informed post-event conversation. This involves an analysis of all engagement metrics, testimonials, press, and a review of the coverage captured. Then, based on our evaluation of the results, we'll craft a holistic recommendation for tactical next steps and strategic foresight. Ultimately, each program will be highly memorable while still leaving our clients' audiences wanting more.

Ulta Beauty Shiraz

Elevated Creative Instinct

We deeply understand a brand and channel our creative intuition to push beyond a living, breathing, multi-sensory experience of what makes your brand unique.

Passionate Generosity

It goes beyond the work we do, spilling over into proudly supporting our community, being socially responsible, and striving to make a positive impact on the world around us. We pour our hearts into every endeavor.

Bvlgari Shiraz

Awe-Inspiring Innovation

Our immersive brand experiences are grounded in reality, amplified by technology that draws our audience in.

Collaborative Spirit

Fueled by trust, respect, and a contagious love for what we do, collaboration sparks a symphony of ideas, resulting in extraordinary creations that surpass expectations.

Globally Diverse Perspective

With our passionate and diverse team, we blend global insights and inspirations, infusing your brand with a rich tapestry of cultural perspectives.

We bring brand's stories to life

Shiraz Creative is not like other agencies. We are different by design. That is why we represent ourselves with a “/”. It signifies the coming together of elements for an outcome that exceeds the sum of its parts. The combined power of left brain / right brain thinking. The exciting friction of marrying unbridled imagination / practical execution And perhaps most importantly, the magic that happens when a client / Shiraz collaboration gets underway.

At Shiraz, our team of experts specialize in…


B2B & B2C Engagement 

Creative Strategy


Creative Concept & Art Direction 

Experiential Design 

Experiential Campaign Strategy

Brand Expression

Talent Partnerships & Sponsorships

Digital & Social Strategy

Scenic Design & Branded Environments 

2D & 3D Design 

Renderings & Floor Plans

Graphic Design


Event Marketing Strategy

Content Management & Development

Social Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Content Management

Mailer Strategy & Development


Immersive Design

Multimedia Environments & Installations

Interactive & Creative Technologies 


Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR) 

Mixed Reality (MR)

Motion Graphics 

AI Integration

Projection Mapping

Digital & Hybrid Events

Website, App Design & Development


Live Event Production

Show & Stage Management

Custom Fabrication & Engineering

Interactive & Creative Tech Management

AVL, Technical Management & Operations

Venue Management & Scouting

Front of House Operations

Brand Ambassadors & Staffing

Mailer Production & Fulfillment

Branded Goods & Premiums


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